Dirty Little Secrets…

So… everyone on my facebook feed has been doing their “things you might not know about me” lists and I’ll admit I succumbed to a request to do a list of my own… but then got to thinking– my blog followers won’t see these, hell my blog followers don’t know ANYTHING about me… so I’ve complied the list below to help you know a little more about me… BEWARE this is not for those easily offended– read the title, if you get offended by profanity or lewd comments skip this post

  1. I was born in NY but was transplanted to Louisiana by my mom & stepdad when I was 6… I have never forgiven them from pulling me so far away from my family, but they don’t know that…
  2. I love tattoos, I have several (6 to be exact) but I would love to get about 100 more 🙂
  3. ok this goes along with #2 kinda but I was obsessed with piercings throughout college… I literally pierced almost everything humanly possible (minus surface piercings– those are just nuts and I was afraid of scars)… nose, tounge, eyebrow, nipples, you name it– I let someone stick a needle through it…
  4.  I LOVE dark chocolate, I could do with out white or milk chocolate but I will literally cry if someone eats dark chocolate without sharing any
  5. I am one of 7 children… the oldest to be exact…
  6. My sons father and I were together for 6 years… I wanted to marry him, until he cheated on me
  7. My dog’s name is Prada, I had ferrets in college- they were Fendi, MAC, Vera Bradley, Lucky & Seven…
  8. My son is a junior… I threw a huge tantrum and almost got thrown out of the hospital because I told the clerk I wanted him to be a II (2nd)  NOT a JR and she refused… he was almost named Orange Fucking Jello because I was so mad at her for telling me what I could and couldn’t name my own child…
  9. I have anger issues (see #8)… Being the oldest child and an only child for 10 years will do that to a person… I like to get my own way and occasionally lose my cool… When this happens stay back 100 feet just to be cautions…
  10. I hate running even though I played soccer my entire life… from the time I was 5 years old through college I played a sport that involved me doing the only thing I truly hate… I had a scholarship to Louisiana Tech University so I had to keep doing it… people who say “oh just keep doing it, eventually you’ll love it…” BULLSHIT. I HATE RUNNING…
  11. I am a messy person… not just clumsy messy (which I am) but I hate cleaning and will wait until it is absolutely necessary to do so… I would rather buy new clothes or dishes than wash dirty ones… 90% of the time we use disposable silverware and plates/cups so I don’t have to do dishes… I wish I wasn’t but no matter how many times I have tried to be neat I always fail…
  12. ok this sounds like a contradiction to #11 but I am an organizational freak…. my nail polish is organized by color, the dishes I do have are sorted by size, color and shape, my sons toys are organized by type (action figures, costumes, cars, etc) and when my laundry is clean it is all organized by color and style… I love my label maker and love knowing what is in something before I open it…
  13. I have always dated men who were way too old for me (except my sons dad)… this has almost always been a bad thing. I lost my virginity way too early, was subjected to way too many dirty looks at events, and drove my parents crazy…
  14. I love reading, especially trashy romance novels and cheesy love stories (the Twilight books, 50 Shades of Gray trilogy, etc)
  15. my best friend is in the army and I haven’t been able to see her in over two years because she is stationed in Hawaii right now and was deployed the year before… this makes me so sad…
  16. I am terrible at making new friends… I enjoy talking to people but I am terrible at keeping up with them. I also prefer guy friends over girl friends and this often poses the problem of jealous boyfriends
  17. I was a raging alcoholic from 18-25… Well 21-25 not quite as bad but when I had the opportunity to drink I always over did it… I frequently got black out drunk an did stupid things that I am not proud of. I have since quit drinking so heavily and only occasionally have a drink or two when with people who I know will encourage me to be responsible. I am an emotional drunk and when I drink will go from crying sad to belligerent pissed in a blink of an eye… I also get extremely jealous which  typically m not
  18. Photography is my passion. I love every aspect of it. Weddings, Children, Families, Babies… Shooting, Lighting, Post Processing…
  19. I am a huge procrastinator…. I should be showering right now to be honest… I was supposed to go run errands today
  20. I have done so many things I regret in my life… I am so thankful that my God is so forgiving. I know that without his unfailing love I would not be where I am today. I thank him daily for allowing me to see my mistakes and change my ways.


Ok, so that is enough for now… 🙂 Anyone who wants to come clean my house or bring over dark chocolate is more than welcome anytime!


More “Little Things” mixed with Christmas!!

Ok, Ok, so I found this AWESOME app to help spread Christmas Cheer and it currently has me completely avoiding all forms of work! 🙂 (It is currently only available on the iPhone but they say it will be released for Androids soon!) The app is Santa Spy Cam and it lets you impose little dancing elves into videos of your own home (They can also send your letter to Santa, leave behind small gifts & sprinkle magic dust on things around your home)! It is so cool! I downloaded it a few days ago but hadn’t opened it until this morning after I dropped little man off at school. Needless to say since I opened it I haven’t stopped playing with it!  Check out my first video below to see the magic for yourself!

Visit Santa Spy Cam on Facebook to keep up with the app, they also have a website with interactive stories that go along with various elf activities! I LOVE the 7 nights of Christmas poem and can’t wait to read it with Daniel so I can play with the elves after he is in bed, leaving behind little surprises like candy canes! For a little boy like my son this helps keep the magic of the holidays alive!

This review is done purely because I find this to be a “Simple Pleasure” and want to share it with you, I was not asked to do this review and my opinions are strictly that– MY OPINION. I am in no way affiliated with Santa Spy Cam.

It’s the little things…

I’ll admit it… I’m one of those people who gets overly impressed with some of the simplest things! Like figuring out my phone does something I didn’t know about, a really great mani, finding old stuff in the bottom of the closet that I thought I lost, etc!

Needless to say– today was full of little surprises! 🙂

surprise #1 this morning when I dropped little man off at school. When coming home I stopped at a red light and the person in front of me left a notebook on the roof of their car, it blew off while we were sitting there and I ran out to pick it up. When I knocked on his window (all stalker like since I was still in my pjs {I just dropped my kiddo off in front of the school, it was too cold to walk today so I decided to be lazy and not get dressed– we only live two blocks from the school}) he yelped but then realized what I had and thanked me profusely and gave me a $5  Starbucks gift card. Win for me 🙂

surprise #2 when I got home I was debating between painting my nails or cleaning out my closet. I decided to start with my closet after yesterday’s completely unproductive day. While looking through a box for sweaters I came across an envelope full of photos from high school. It brought back so many fun memories. 🙂 it’s all in the little things!

surprise #3 did you know that if you swipe right to left when your looking at your text messages it will show you the exact time each message was sent!??!? {iphone 5s} I was trying to open a photo my mom had just sent me and figured that one out!! Not that it mattered in this instance but I know there have been times I’ve wanted to know when someone sent me their last message (like when I’m waiting for someone to meet me and they text saying ‘almost there’)

Surprise #4 we had a birthday party for a complete stranger… Kind of. My mom makes everyone these calendars every year with everyone in our families bdays, anniversaries, adoption days, and major holidays. This way we have no excuse for forgetting… Well on our calendar today it says “Adams birthday” unfortunately after completely racking my brain I still can not for the life of me figure out who Adam is! Anyway we decided to bake Adam a cake and sing happy bday 🙂 and of course we had to try a new cake recipe! Strawberry poke cake with a French vanilla frosting! It turned out fantastic!

oh and I still worked on my mani… Turned out well if I do say so myself! image

all in all, pretty good day!

Online Shopping Addict

I can’t be the only one who is addicted to online shopping, even if I’m not buying anything I can sit and browse for hours only to look up and realize I am still sitting in my PJ’s and its time to get the little man from school! It is strange because I HATE going to the mall and grocery store… when I have to shop in public I run in, grab exactly what I needed and run out. Shopping online I can be looking for one thing one second and 5 minutes later decided I needed a coffee pot and new air fresheners for my car… It’s almost as bad as pinterest!

Today has been one of those days! It started with paying my bills… yuck! Then I decided to hop on Facebook and noticed Julep had a new mystery box (I will go into my nail polish addiction later- that’s a post of its own!). After browsing the Julep site debating whether or not I should splurge I remembered that I wanted to look into new polish stamping plates and decided I would rather spend money on those! Over to Amazon I went… plates turned into Christmas shopping (my kid wants heeleys, those weird little roller-skate shoes that were popular back when I was in school) therefore Amazon turned to EBay then Listia and on and on until I look up and its past lunch time! (wow, just found Listia today and am addicted! Join me by clicking the link below!)  Listia cured my desire for shopping and I didn’t even have to pay for a thing! I got my son a lava lamp (another Christmas wish list item) and a mystery grab bag of nail polishes, cosmetics and goodies for me! Luckily for my bank account I didn’t spend a penny, not even on shipping!

Now rather than doing the chores that I know need to be done I am sitting here procrastinating yet again. Maybe it’s not a shopping addiction but a procrastination one 😛

Hey, at least now I have some Christmas ideas, maybe Santa will bring mommy some presents this year too!

Check out Julep!

Shop with me on Listia!
Auctions for free stuff at Listia.com

Christmas Comes Early…

I will admit it- I am one of those people who beat the mall at decorating for Christmas. I LOVE the holidays and usually pull out my Christmas decorations November 1st.

This year we are doing a completely DIY Christmas {thanks to a little help from pinterest & my extremely creative 6 year old}! We will be making our own homemade Christmas tree this week, and have already started our decorating of the house. My neighbor was standing outside complaining last night to someone on the phone that I had already decorated the outside of our house– I totally wanted to storm out of the house and call her a Grinch (decided against it as I had been eavesdropping while doing the dishes).

I also started our annual tradition on Elf on The Shelf. I know, most of you are thinking ‘she’s nuts! TWO whole months of imagecoming up with ideas for Elf?!?!’ Calm down- I haven’t lost my mind completely– since my son goes to his dads for his Christmas break I lose almost two whole weeks in December so really it’s just a month and a half and come on, with all the awesome ideas I have found on Pinterest and some other great blogs (they are listed below in case you wanted to check them out!) it was hard to decided what Zip (our elf) would be getting into for the 6 weeks he’s here! (Ok, ok confession #2 I occasionally bring Zip out of hiding throughout the year when my son is having a particularly “disobedient” week… so guess more than just 6 weeks a year!)

Letter from Elf

Guess two confessions in a single post is enough for now! 🙂 Enjoy your week!

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