It’s the little things…

I’ll admit it… I’m one of those people who gets overly impressed with some of the simplest things! Like figuring out my phone does something I didn’t know about, a really great mani, finding old stuff in the bottom of the closet that I thought I lost, etc!

Needless to say– today was full of little surprises! 🙂

surprise #1 this morning when I dropped little man off at school. When coming home I stopped at a red light and the person in front of me left a notebook on the roof of their car, it blew off while we were sitting there and I ran out to pick it up. When I knocked on his window (all stalker like since I was still in my pjs {I just dropped my kiddo off in front of the school, it was too cold to walk today so I decided to be lazy and not get dressed– we only live two blocks from the school}) he yelped but then realized what I had and thanked me profusely and gave me a $5  Starbucks gift card. Win for me 🙂

surprise #2 when I got home I was debating between painting my nails or cleaning out my closet. I decided to start with my closet after yesterday’s completely unproductive day. While looking through a box for sweaters I came across an envelope full of photos from high school. It brought back so many fun memories. 🙂 it’s all in the little things!

surprise #3 did you know that if you swipe right to left when your looking at your text messages it will show you the exact time each message was sent!??!? {iphone 5s} I was trying to open a photo my mom had just sent me and figured that one out!! Not that it mattered in this instance but I know there have been times I’ve wanted to know when someone sent me their last message (like when I’m waiting for someone to meet me and they text saying ‘almost there’)

Surprise #4 we had a birthday party for a complete stranger… Kind of. My mom makes everyone these calendars every year with everyone in our families bdays, anniversaries, adoption days, and major holidays. This way we have no excuse for forgetting… Well on our calendar today it says “Adams birthday” unfortunately after completely racking my brain I still can not for the life of me figure out who Adam is! Anyway we decided to bake Adam a cake and sing happy bday 🙂 and of course we had to try a new cake recipe! Strawberry poke cake with a French vanilla frosting! It turned out fantastic!

oh and I still worked on my mani… Turned out well if I do say so myself! image

all in all, pretty good day!


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