Planning a Trip To Disney

Ok, so call me crazy but I have decided to take little man to Disney World… in 10 Weeks…

Disney World was always one of the places I ALWAYS wanted to go as a child and I didn’t make it there until High School. I want to make sure my son gets to experience the “magic” of Disney as a child! As a single mom my life is one budget after another and I know this will kill every one I have set so far this year but I am hoping that the memories we make together on this special “mommy & me” trip will make up for it! (don’t worry, before some of you start rebuking me for being fiscally irresponsible, I am not using our living money– just my tax refund that I usually use to buy myself something since I just spent all my extra money on my son for Christmas).

Planning a trip to Disney in such a short time frame is proving to be more stressful than I imagined. It is his first trip so I want it to be PERFECT! We will be staying on property (haven’t decided EXACTLY where yet, but most likely either Disney All-Star Sports Resort or Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort– those were the two he picked out when I showed him everything in our budget) for 7 nights and have tickets to the park 6 days. (We only live 5 hours away so will be getting there early the first day and doing a park, then stay 7 nights doing parks for 3 days taking a day off then doing the parks till we leave). As Florida residents we got 6 days of parks for the same price as 4 days non-resident… so we may be tired by the end of the trip but DJ will be fully immersed in the Disney Culture!

I will write another post as I continue to plan and then once our trip is over confessing everything I have dealt with! So far my biggest complaint is that although there are 100’s of blogs and websites offering planning help there are very few that offer complete downloadable packages with checklists and such… so I will be making my own! Be sure to check my etsy store later for them!

Only Slightly Crazy,