not so little stressors

So sorry I’ve been away so long, let’s just say the last several months have been super busy & crazy stressful! 2014 went by in a blur! My son started karate, my dog died, we bought a puppy, I am planning a wedding (OMG, totally forgot to blog my engagement! Yay! I’m getting married!), my little sister is getting married, and oh so much more. I need a vacation from just thinking about 2014… And so far the month of January has been positively miserable.  I found out my long term “day job” was doing major cutbacks that included eliminating my position, we bought a new car (and within 5 days totaled said car), someone broke into my house, I think I have a cavity (this scares me, I’ve never had one before) & did I mention I’m planning a wedding?  🙂 anyways,  I’m back and taking on 2015 with a vengeance!


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