It’s so weird how what used to be my absolute favorite holiday has now become a dreaded time of year– kids running in the road, consuming mass amounts of sugar and processed junk, staying up late on a school night, having to have the perfect costume… talk about nightmares! {The only perk is now I don’t have to spend a penny to get my candy fix for the year.}

This year I decided to be crafty and save a few bucks on my sons costume. He has wanted to be the headless horseman ever since his kindergarten class saw an adaptation of Sleepy Hollow last year on a field trip. Is it wrong that my first thought upon beginning this costume was trying to figure out how I could keep his face completely contained so he couldn’t eat candy throughout the night!?! Thanks to half off Mondays at my local Goodwill I scored an awesome military jacket for only $5. A quick trip to Michael’s and a rummage through my high school memories box (four years of ROTC paid off eventually) got me everything else I needed! Whole costume costing me about $15 and taking about 12 hours to make (plus drying time for paint/glue)…

Best part of all- his head/neck/shoulders are inside a cardboard box and I super glued mesh to jacket over eye holes so there is no possible way to transport candy from bucket to mouth without assistance from me! 🙂 Saving all the Reese’s and 3 Musketeer’s for momma– like stealing candy from a baby… or six year old! 🙂


*We ended up winning first prize in a local Halloween costume contest the prize of which contained various gift certificates to local restaurants and activities!