Elf on the Shelf

Ok, as most of you know I am obsessed with Elf on the Shelf! I LOVE playing with that silly elf and making him do crazy stunt and leave behind major messes. I think my favorite part of it is making my son clean up all Zip’s messes… I figure I clean up behind little man 365 days a year, he can clean up after Zip for 30 days or so… it is my own little payback. 🙂

This year I am having more fun than usual– I created awesome little note cards that Zip leaves behind to explain some of his messes and encourage activities that I had planned for the day (bake Christmas cookies, apologize for messes, elf jokes, etc). I love these because Daniel can practice reading uncommon words! I also made letters from Santa that Zip leaves when little man has a rough day following directions the first time they are given and ones commending achievements or positive choices.

Today we decorated our Christmas tree and while Daniel was in the bathroom Zip managed to climb our tree and knocked off half the decorations we had just put up. (Daniel had been refusing to push them back on the branches after being told multiple times they would fall off and break so it was a learning lesson in listening too). Last night Zip started to bake cookies when he realized all the bowls were dirty (it is little mans job to do the dishes) and he left a huge mess of flour, chocolate chips & a broken egg on the counter. I always pick Zip up from his mess and move him to his “watching spot” that he stays in most of the day and make Daniel clean up his mess. He does wander around the house occasionally when little man leaves the room or goes to school…

Zip even left a personalized letter talking about things that only an all knowing elf (or nosy momma) would know about my son! Like that he always leaves dirty laundry on the bathroom floor and that he really wants a pogo stick for Christmas but he only asked Santa for them because mom already said no.

I am selling all the items I created individually & in a discounted bundle in my etsy shop! Feel free to help support a single mom!! 🙂